RadioNemo Presents the Dave Nemo, Tim Ridley, and Radio Nemo Weekend Show heard exclusively on SiriusXM the Road Dog Channel 146

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Burns

role as “the man behind the curtain” (with an occasional chance to touch base on-air with the audience) suits him well.  “I vowed many years ago, if I ever did anything to embarrass Dave or this great organization we built, I would resign.  The less time I spend on the air, the less I have to worry about keeping that promise,” Michael says.  “I’m truly looking forward to the future here; it’s getting exciting again.  I feel like the Captain on the most seaworthy ship on the sea.  I just do my best not to scare the Admiral.”

Office Manager

Aziza Marie

started answering phones part-time in 2007 for the Dave Nemo Show. By 2008, she was a full-time employee and has made the move from phones, to producing, to becoming an on-air personality. In 2012, she gave birth to her wonderful daughter and decided she needed a change of pace. She has been nailing the Office Manager position since 2014.

Sponsor Relations Rep


has been a part of the Dave Nemo Entertainment family since 2013. After learning about the transportation industry as an assistant to the Senior Sales Representative, she was promoted to Media Relations Representative. Tammy received an Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Merchandising and Communications from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise. Her work in retail establishments, many years as an American Airlines flight attendant, and experience owning Gallery 14 has meant a professional life driven by customer service and a love of getting the little things right. This attention to detail can also be seen in her passion for creating realism art. Tammy lives in Melbourne, Florida with her loving and supportive family.

Sponsor Relations Rep


is RadioNemo’s newest member, joining the sales team in February of 2018. She is a rarity as Nashville Native and still lives in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to her duties helping Sponsors with their needs, her favorite job is an adoring Mom of her two children, Brooklyn and Beckham. Growing up in Nashville she developed an big passion for music, and has attended over 100 concerts, with more to come. Loving music led to loving radio; which is why she is thrilled to be a part of RadioNemo. Donna is eager to help your company surpass its goals by marketing to our audience and being a part of the Nemo family.

CIS Director


started with Radio Nemo in 2006 as assistant studio engineer and editor after leaving the nuclear field. He took on the network, decided he liked the work, and got his degree in computer information systems. He now oversees the network, computers, codecs, remotes, and he built the website too. Whether it's networking, IT admin, help-desk, integration, web development, or applications, he does it all. He doesn't even mind taking on the responsibility for "technical difficulties". He hasn't given up life at the edge either, just made a family that likes to sit with their feet off the cliff too!