Dave Nemo

Host of The Dave Nemo Show    

Live On The Road Dog Trucking Channel on SiriusXM 

Monday-Friday 7-11 AM (EST)

"I had never seen so much tan naugahyde in all my life."  That's how Dave Nemo describes his first ride in a big truck.

Back in the mid-60's, Dave and a high school buddy ran out of gas on their way from New Orleans to Texas. They didn’t stay stranded long, because the first trucker to come down the road gave them a lift.  Dave didn’t know it at the time, but that driver’s kindness would shape how he would come to view the world.

In his final year as a Communications student in 1969, Dave landed a part time job at the legendary WWL 870 AM in New Orleans. After graduation, he enlisted in the Army and was assigned to the Armed Forces Korea Network (AFKN) in Seoul, South Korea.

Returning to New Orleans, Dave joined Charlie Douglas on “The Road Gang”–the first radio program aimed directly at and solely to the over-the-road professional truck driver.

Almost 45 years later, Dave continues the same tradition of service, friendship and camaraderie. Dave credits his business partner, Michael Burns, for much of the show's current success. "Working with Michael has been an incredible experience,” Nemo states.

The trucking industry has gone through massive changes and the mandate of RadioNemo reflects those changes.

Today’s professional trucker has come to depend on Dave and the crew to provide critical and vital information on industry happenings, government regulations, health and wellness, as well as engaging and interesting topical interviews with industry leaders as well as historians, health experts, authors and others.

Tim Ridley

Host of The Tim Ridley Show    

Live On The Road Dog Trucking Channel on SiriusXM

Monday-Friday 5-7AM (EST)

Tim Ridley’s career in the trucking industry began in the mid-1980s.

He has been a small fleet owner, a truck driving school instructor, Director of Job Placement, Director of Training, Recruiting & Retention Supervisor, and a Terminal Manager for the second largest temperature-controlled carrier in the U. S.  After experiencing a myriad of positions in the trucking industry and racking up over 1,000,000 miles of safe driving with one company, Tim became a part of the family at Dave Nemo Entertainment.

Tim holds a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies, a Masters in Divinity, and a Ph.D. in Christian Education. He has served as a Military Chaplain, Commandant of The Chaplain Training Center for the Georgia State Defense Force, and Command Chaplain, based at The Georgia National Guard Joint Forces Headquarters.

He is on the Board of Directors for The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, a member of the Butts County Veterans Day Committee, and works with General Tommy Franks on The Celebration of Freedom Events in Hobart, OK.

He is also a licensed realtor and a certified State Instructor for the National Traffic Incident Management Course through the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee Department of Transportation, and the Tennessee Fire Service Academy. Along with playing the sax and drums, Tim enjoys weight lifting, model railroading, camping, traveling, and especially spending time with his family.

Jamie Lynn

Co-Host of The Dave Nemo Weekend Show

Live On The Road Dog Trucking Channel on SiriusXM

Saturday and Sunday 7-11AM (EST)

     The naturally social and enthusiastic Jamie Lynn found a great fit with Dave Nemo Entertainment in 2011.  She describes her work producing the Dave Nemo Show and Tim Ridley Show and co-hosting the Dave Nemo Weekend Show as her “dream job”– a career that combines her love of the open road with her lifelong interest in broadcasting.

     The trucking industry fascinates Jamie Lynn.  She is grateful for an inside look into the development of rules and regulations and for the opportunity to be a part of bringing critical information to the professional driving community.  She appreciates seeing drivers participate in the legislative process and encourages them to use their strong voice to benefit the industry.

     Jamie Lynn finds great joy in helping animals.  She enjoys yoga, camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors.  In fact, she hopes to indulge her adventurous side further and tour the country, sharing the road with truckers and exploring this beautiful nation.  Until then, she’s thrilled to see the country through the eyes of Nemo listeners.


Co-Host of The Dave Nemo Weekend Show

Live On The Road Dog Trucking Channel on SiriusXM

Saturday and Sunday 7-11AM (EST)

     Rooster has a taste for adventure, and while he claims to be a Bay Area man, he has lived and traveled all over this great nation.  His diverse background and gypsy spirit always keep him on the move and exploring the world.  His knack for driving anything with wheels hasn't landed him in the driver seat of a big rig like his father–yet–but that doesn't mean he doesn't share your passion for the open road.