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Pet Picks: Easter 2020

Happy Easter! Hope these critters bring some joy to your day. If you'd like to see more Pet Picks, email your photos and stories to WEEKENDS@RADIONEMO.COM.

Easter is about rebirth, and what better way to start our Easter Pet Picks than with Lia. If you can imagine it, she was being used as a bait dog. But she got a second chance at a wonderful, loving life with Josh in Louisiana.

This 3 year old, long-haired Chihuahua is very loving and quiet. Whether enjoying the outdoors or taking his snuggly naps, Lenny knows he's handsome, and likes to pose for photos.

This tiny girl was a present to Craig's daughter from her grandmother. Gucci had a rough start, rejected by her mother, found on the streets of Columbia, and bottle fed by her rescuers. Craig first met the pup in 10 degree weather, and wrapped Gucci in a little dog jacket. The warmth and love he showed Gucci was repaid in a lifelong best friendship.

Zoey is the goldenest of Golden Doodles--just look at that fur! She's less than a year old and already has lots of miles under her belt, riding in the truck with Michael and loving every minute of it.

Mr. Bentley is very much at home in the truck; in fact, I think he may OWN this truck. This rescue terrier mix is almost 6, can fit in all the cubbies, and knows a few tricks. For instance, when Ms. Shortcut goes into the truck stop, Mr. Bentley blows the horn! She'll come out to find him sitting on the dash like a sassy bobblehead.

What a photogenic Yorkie! Eight year old Bubby has traveled to all of the lower 48 since 2015 and has 3/4 of a million safe miles! He enjoys pup cups, the beach, sleeping, and being a 20 pound lap dog. No wonder he's smiling!


Thanks to all our listeners for making Pet Picks possible! We have so enjoyed this series. If you'd like to see more, email your pets to WEEKENDS@RADIONEMO.COM. Dog, cat, snake, horse, bird...all species welcome!

Oh, what the heck, one more. Red Jack's Rosie has already been a Pet Pick, but she looks like a bunny, and it's Easter after all!


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