Pet Picks: October 2019

It's always a good day when we get your submissions in our inbox. If your pet isn't featured this month, don't worry! They might pop up next time. And if you haven't submitted your pet yet, be sure to check out how at the bottom. Pets of all species welcome!

After Huck was released from the hospital, his nurse, Cupcake, never left his side. That probably comes as no surprise; with a name like Cupcake, you know she's sweet. But woe indeed to he who knocks on Huck's door. For then, it's CUJO TIME.

As the matriarch of her girl pack, Tribble is also an ambassador, and she's ready to extend the paw of friendship to everyone she meets. She takes charge of her pack sisters when her humans are away, and is overjoyed to see them return. She's been with her family since she was just 2 months old, and--I'm not calling the late, great Gene Roddenberry a liar, but--if these last 10 years have been proof of anything, it's that there's no trouble with Tribble.

As for her sisters, Hanna and Tribble are half-sisters from two different litters, and Rosie is a was a rescue. Although she's high-energy at home, she's mellow on the road. A true traveler, Rosie has never even been car-sick. She'd make a great truck pup, but her place is with Tribble's pack.