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Pet Picks: September 2019

Thanks so much for the stories and photos you've shared. There were so many great critters to choose from and that's a great problem to have. Looking forward to next month!

If your pet isn't featured this month, don't worry! They might pop up next time. And if you haven't submitted your pet yet, be sure to check out how at the bottom. Pets of all species welcome!

Snowtoes "Lacey" Hemerson is a road dog if there ever was one. Not only does this pure bred pupper have over a million miles on the road, she participated in the Trucker Buddy program for ten years! The program matches truckers with classrooms for pen-pallery, and the beagle has even called into "The Dave Nemo Show" from a classroom visit so Dave could hear from the students and teacher. At 15 years young, who knows what Lacey will do next! Here she is, the epitome of cool--and I mean that both ways. Keep those toes warm, girl!

When he was just two weeks old, Boddie Bear already had a name and a owner waiting to waiting to love him furever. The beautiful border collie gets his name from Dog Walker's friend, Diane. She trained dogs, and Dog Walker was blown away by one whip smart client named Bo. Bo + "D" for Diane = Boddie, and the Bear comes from the way his coat shimmers when he moves. Boddie Bear came to fill an emptiness left by a previous border collie, and to be everyone's friend. He's the perfect family dog. And he seems to be good at lawn care, too.

This pair proves that pretty eyes, flattery, and product placement will get you far. Wolfie the cat has been running the house and ruling the roost for 15 years. And that suits Boomer just fine, because he'd much rather be where he's been the last 9 years--on the road with Roberta. Boomer's just the travelin' type. And that suits Wolfie just fine, too!

Back in 2014, Moki's owner left him with friend, and never picked him up. After three months, Moki was facing the pound. littletrucker may have rescued Moki first, but Moki's dedicated his life to returning the favor. You see, Moki is many things--pug/English bully mix, son, co-driver, medical alert service animal, and the reason littletrucker is alive and where he is today. Three yips for Moki, who never leaves his co-driver's side!


Thanks so much for sharing your friends with us! If you'd like your pet to be featured, just email Some tips for a stand-out submission:

1. Your pet's name and sex

2. The handle or first name you'd like to go by

3. A few photos of your pet

4. Plenty of info about your critter, like their age, breed, personality traits, likes/dislikes, and stories about why they are the best!

The submissions we've already received are still in the crate for next time! The next "Pet Picks" come out Sunday, October 6.

PS: Your pets can also lay on a shirt!


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