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About The Dave Nemo Show

The Dave Nemo Show keeps over a million professional drivers and industry stakeholders informed of current and pending issues affecting the trucking industry, ranging from transportation legislation and technology to health and wellness. Broadcasting legend Dave Nemo has been a trusted source of both information and entertainment for 50 years.

Up Next

Thursday 1/30

10:00am ET:  CPA John Turner of Able Tax Relief takes your calls.

Monday 5/13

10:00am Eastern: “Safety, Compliance, and Common Sense” with the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC).

Tuesday 5/14

8:00am Eastern:  Research continues to grow linking good oral health and overall personal health, especially in relation to heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease.  Dr. Matthew Messina, DDS joins Clare Marie on “Highway to Health” to discuss.


10:00am Eastern:  Robert Braswell, Executive Director of ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council and Joe Long talk coolant systems on “Tech Talk with TMC.”

Wednesday 5/15

9:00am Eastern:  Need more info on the AOBRD to ELD transition?  JJ Keller’s Tom Bray has you covered.


10:00am Eastern:  When drivers compare trucking companies, pay is always at or near the top of the list of items they consider. Crete Carrier President and COO Tim Aschoff discusses driver pay.


10:30am Eastern: “Canada Calling” with the Owner-Operator’s Business Association of Canada (OBAC).

Thursday 5/16

8:00am Eastern: “Maintenance Matters” with Homer Hogg, Director of Technical Service for TravelCenters of America.


9am Eastern:  What’s the latest on revisions to the HOS regs and allowing drivers ages 18 to 20 to operate commercial vehicles in interstate commerce? Get an update live and direct from the guys in Washington, D.C. on “FMCSA Hotline.”


10:00am Eastern:  CPA John Turner of Able Tax Relief takes your calls.

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