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About The Tim Ridley Show

Part inspirational uplift and part emotional cup of coffee, The Tim Ridley Show starts your early morning drive by inviting you to answer a relevant question of the day. Hosted by former trucker and current cheerful chaplain Dr. Tim Ridley, the show is an opportunity to offer shout outs and safety tips to your fellow drivers, reminding them that they are not alone out there.

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Monday 5/13

QOD: Tell us about some of your trucking bloopers - in and out of the truck.


Back by popular demand: Most of us have seen T.V. bloopers, and truck drivers have bloopers too--like hooking to a trailer and forgetting to raise the landing gear or dropping a trailer and forgetting to unhook the air and electrical lines. Bloopers can and probably have happened to the best of us.

Tuesday 5/14

QOD: If you had the authority, how would you bring more awareness of the dangers to texting drivers?


There was a time when looking out for drunk and impaired drivers was at the forefront of a trucker’s mind.  Now there’s a bigger hazard.  Texting drivers are six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk drivers.

6:30am Eastern: Therapists Amer and Matt explain how to be present and put down the technology and focus on the people around you.

Friday 5/25

Open Phones.


6:30am Eastern: Joyce Bartens with Bartens Media asks for your flood and storm safety tips, as well as the worst flooding you’ve seen this season.

Wednesday 5/15

QOD: Do you take selfies? How many selfies do you take daily?

We are in a day where taking selfies is the norm, with some people taking 50 or more selfies a day. Experts say the electromagnetic rays emitted from our phones can accelerate aging at an alarming rate and that taking selfies can be as bad for your skin as sunbathing and smoking.

Thursday 5/17

Safety Tip Thursday.


6:30AM Eastern: Mark Schroyer and Lea Ann Reed with the American Truck Historical Society talk about the upcoming convention in Reno.

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