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RadioNemo is proud to support the following organizations.  We encourage you to visit their sites to see the wonderful and important work they do.

St.Christopher Trucker Relief Fund

Many truckers long for the days when drivers lent a hand to and looked out for one another.  Are those days gone? No! The St. Christopher Fund proves every day that the camaraderie of the road is going strong and getting stronger.  For the past 10 years, you've stepped up to help thousands of your fellow drivers and their families during their medical emergencies. Check out the SCF’s programs and maybe show your support with a small (or large) donation.

Truckers Against Trafficking

In days of olde, knights were counted on to protect the innocent.  In generations past, truckers were known as Knights of the Road. Today, the innocent cry out from the chains and bondage of human sex trafficking.  And now, the Knights of Truckers Against Trafficking ride to the rescue by learning the warning signs and learning what to do when confronted with forced prostitution. Visit the TAT website to become a certified Trucker Against Trafficking.

The Michelle Hebert Memorial Children's Theatre Fund

Michelle Hebert was a very important part of RadioNemo, taken before her time.  To memorialize her love of children and their natural creativity, we developed the Michelle Hebert Memorial Children’s Theater Fund.  Through theater camps, workshops and the Rising Star Youth Theater Company, the foundation teaches all aspects of the theater arts. Michelle encouraged everyone she met to create.  Your donation will continue her legacy and help children see their creations come alive.
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