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A Word From Our Listeners

About Dave Nemo Weekends

Buckle up. The wheels have come off, but we’re still rolling. A wild ride of musical artists, bestselling authors, unlikely destinations, and anything and everything you find down the road. The Weekend 34 takes a break from the legislation, regulations, and frustrations of the weekdays. Lindsay Lawler and Jimmy Mac serve up a complete breakfast that mixes the energy of Saturday morning cartoons with a bracing dose of self help. 

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Up Next

Tuesday 8/14

8:00am ET (30 min) : Learn about the importance of hydration and some options to help maintain balanced electrolytes on the road on “Highway to Health.”

9:30am ET (30 min) : Duane Williams of the Montana Trucking Association discusses the DRIVE Act in the Senate as well as the overall picture of trucking in Montana on “The State of Trucking.”

10:00am ET (30 min) :  Robert Braswell, Executive Director of ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council, and Roger Maye discuss Wheel End Maintenance and take your calls on “Tech Talk with TMC.”

10:30am ET (30 min) : Colton Lawrence, President & CEO of Trucker CFO, and Michael Burns take your calls and discuss financial issues unique to truckers on “Driving Your Dollars.”

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