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100th "Highway to Health"

There's no Dr. Dave Nemo here, but I've heard many people say Dave Nemo saved their lives. That they wouldn't have known they had sleep apnea had it not been for him. That they wouldn't have been checked for prostate cancer had it not been for him. That they wouldn't have recognized their symptoms for what they were--a heart attack. The list goes on.

That's because Dave has been getting the word out about trucker health before trucker health was a thing. Dave's role in creating industry awareness of health concerns has been invaluable.

So has Dr. John McElligott, a brilliant and big-hearted internist and practitioner of "the art of medicine" that we are proud to have had as a regular guest on RadioNemo since 2006. This was about a year before conversations began between Dr. John, Dave, and Michael Burns regarding the formation of the St. Christopher Fund - that's a story for another time, and another blog!

But before segments like "Coffee with the Doc" (Dr. John was "the Doc"), "Fitness Friday," or "Women's Wellness Workshop," we had a segment called "Highway to Health."

When I had the chance to create my own segment in 2016, my immediate impulse was to continue this legacy. And if I could get lifesaving information out there and resurrect a punny name? I mean...have you met me?

Over the past 100 episodes of "Highway to Health," I've taken the opportunity to address concerns specific to and epidemic in the trucking community, but also to expand into topics that give you a broader understanding of your mind, body, and of the world and the people in it. Just like there's no Dr. Nemo, there's no Dr. Clare Marie, and I've been so fortunate and honored to have been joined by a variety of leading healthcare providers who share our vision of fun, accessible health education.

And let's not forget your calls. You've been open, insightful, and asked questions that have shaped amazing discussions and helped others listening.

Maybe the topic isn't about an issue that you personally have. But maybe it's information that helps you prevent illness, information you can share with your loved ones, that stops the spread of stigma and myth, inspires compassion for others, or even helps you save a life yourself down the road.

Below are the topics we've covered at least once so far. Is there a topic you'd like to revisit? Something we haven't done yet? Let me know! Some of our best programs have started with your suggestions.

Thanks for being a part of this milestone, and I'll see you on the "Highway to Health."

--Clare Marie


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