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A Few Fireworks

Beginning tomorrow, The Dave Nemo Show wants to make sure celebrating your country is as much fun for you folks working as it is for the 49 million who are traveling for the holiday.

Just like every other day, we'll be with you. Dave Nemo, Clare Marie, and I will set the table when we welcome three historians from The Journal of The American Revolution to discuss a few facts about those rebellious colonists who became Americans.

At 8am ET, Todd Braisted will tell us about the colonists who chose to remain loyal to The Crown. He'll be followed at 9:30am ET by John L. Smith, who's dropping by to talk about the 56-member wild bunch better known as The Founding Fathers. Finally, James Kirby Smith is gonna hone in on what he thinks is the point of no return for the outbreak of hostilities at 10am ET.

And we'll have sparklers of history, bottle rockets of events going off around the country, and hopefully a few explosions of laughter.

What happens when you cross Captain America with the Incredible Hulk?

You get a Star-Spangled Banner.


Friday, it's back on the road and back under the hood when Homer Hogg joins us for a special edition of "Maintenance Matters." OOIDA's Rod Nofziger returns to "Washington Trucking Week." He'll tell us about the last few bits of business the swamp things have to wrap up before heading off to a well-deserved break.

You realize when I say a well-deserved break, I mean a break for us. We need a break from Congress.

We're also welcoming our first writer of detective fiction, and only our third writer of fiction, when author Matt Goldman joins the conversation at show's end. He'll be sliding into the booth to discuss his tough neo-noir novel, The Shallows.

Private Investigator Nils Shapiro finds himself at the center of the murder of a prominent attorney from the Minneapolis suburbs. The toxic case has a suspicious widow, her artist lover, a shadowy law firm, a reticent police force, a controversial candidate, and growing interest from the boys at the FBI.

Are you hooked? Tune in Friday as Emmy Award winning Matt Goldman joins us to talk his latest.

You asked for detective fiction, and RadioNemo of North America is going to give it you.


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Stacey Frank Smith
Stacey Frank Smith
Jul 04, 2019

Happy Independence Day

From Frank and Stacey Smith

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