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A Triple Play for Fathers' Day

Dave Nemo Weekends has the perfect trio for your listening pleasure. Saturday, June 20th, we'll kick off the first day of Summer by delighting in The Thrill of the Grill, and after getting the pits fired up, we'll use Sunday, June 21st to shout out to the men who reign supreme over the flames of a backyard barbecue as we celebrate Father's Day.

Summer, grills, and dads are three words that when said together need no other explanation. You immediately conjure images of days long gone and days to come. We're talking that moment when summer seems a vast stretch of possibility. The heat might have already gotten oppressive, but you are too happy to notice. Quality time with the man who raised you beckons. Cars in driveways standing by to be souped up, campfires inviting marshmallows to lean in, early mornings with ice chests waiting to be filled with fish, drives to the county next door to pick up fireworks for the evening of The 4th, and piling into the back of the station wagon to get pizza whether you struck out or hit the home run.

But few memories are more indelible than the man with the plan standing over the fire waiting to flip the burgers, turn the dogs, or sizzle the corn. The shape of the images are similar, but the specifics are infinite. The specifics are yours. Each painting is a different picture of the man you literally looked up to from your childhood height. Was his preference for charcoal, propane, or wood? Did he use a smokers, a fancy grill, or a brick Charbroil like my Grandpa?

On Saturday, June 20th, we want to hear all the unique approaches to grilling. Let us know if you marinade with vinegar, lemon juice, or even, on some occasions, Coca Cola. Tell us whether your fire is filled with meat or is a bounty of veggies. Take our Facebook Toll-Free Poll and tell us if you go with charcoal or propane. Some of you are genuine pros able to create an entire meal under a starlit sky right down to cooking cobbler next to the brisket. On the other hand, others judge success by simply avoiding pulling hockey pucks from the flames. It doesn't matter, because all are welcome to sit around the dancing heat and share your love of announcing what's to eat.

Both of our Saturday guests fit perfectly with what we're serving up. At 8:30 am ET, Co-founder of the Florida Wellness Institute Dr. Julia Gatza will share her expertise in what foods will help you beat the backyard bloat by avoiding what she calls "barbecue blowback." And what would the 3rd Saturday of the month be without President of The National Gardening Association and super-dad Dave Whitinger? At 10:30 am ET, Dave is going to use Garden Path to share his secret homegrown salsa recipe.

If we do this right, Saturday will give way to Sunday like a master chef unloading the grill onto big plates for the picnic tables. The way we see it, Father's Day is not a celebration of biology, but instead, it's a chance to thank the man most responsible for helping you create the best parts of you. So, while most of you will be happy to holler out to men who brought you into the world, don't hesitate to call about the stepdads, godfathers, uncles, grandpas, drill sergeants, ministers, and any other man who made sure you stayed on the safest road to manhood.

If part of that journey was showing you when the fire was just right for Sunday's meal, all the better.

At 8:30 am ET, Dr. Brian C. Wilson of Western Michigan University will be discussing his new book John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age about the media mogul and former Detroit Tigers owner Fetzer and his subsequent search for spirituality. Richard L. Haight's new book, The Warrior's Meditation, provides the perfect option for all of you seeking balance in a hectic time. Haight will be talking with us starting at 9:30 am ET, and he will be offering advice for how you can recenter you life now matter where you are on your journey, and sharing his experiences training in the Samurai arts.

On a final note, since there's no baseball in sight, I thought I would put it in sight of Fathers' Day.

Since we're here, what do say we turn two on dads and baseball.

The title of this post promised A Triple Play for Fathers' Day, and we aim to please.


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