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AZ Truck Parking Study

Spend 10 minutes on this survey about truck parking in the greater Phoenix, AZ area--and share it with your organization/fellow drivers. The survey is open through September 2nd, 2020.

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) has begun a Truck Parking Study to assess commercial truck parking supply and demand in the region. Freight is an essential part of Arizona’s economy and brings us food, clothing, gas, medicines, and other essential goods. The movement of goods by trucks continues to grow both nationally and locally. This growth in trucking, coupled with new safety regulations, has created truck parking challenges nationwide.  Drivers report difficulty in locating safe spaces to park.

This study aims to address the issue of current and future parking availability in the MAG region by assessing:

  • Truck-parking patterns 

  • Freight demand 

  • Impact of safety regulations 

  • Impact of future technologies on truck parking (autonomous trucking, etc.)

The goal of the study is to provide recommendations to address truck parking needs and safe solutions for both truck drivers and the surrounding community.

A key result is a plan that will serve as a road map for future truck parking solutions. The plan is expected to be complete in spring 2021.

*Text copied from the MAG website, which also has more info on the study.


Photo by kimi lee on Unsplash


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