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Colors of the Sky

There’s a sunrise and sunset in every single day. They’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.

It’s so easy to take sunrises and sunsets for granted when you have a 9 to 5 job. But truck drivers get to experience them on almost a daily basis. They get to soak in the real beauty in what they see. Sunrises and sunsets were a recent topic on The Tim Ridley Show. So many of you emailed me such beautiful pictures of the views right outside your windshield. Our conversations took me back to my days on the road, watching the sunrise from various cities and states as I traveled east, and looking forward to watching the sunset while traveling west.

The descriptive pictures you painted as you told me of your favorite place to watch the sunrise and sunset reiterate how blessed you are to have the job that you do! Yes, we all get to experience the rising and setting of the sun, but many who don’t drive a truck for a living don’t get to experience it from various locations across North America. To me, it always seemed as though I’d see something different, or experience different hues of color with each location I’d view them from.

When it comes to sunsets, experts say that they will put you in a better mood. Research shows that watching sunsets has many positive psychological and physical benefits. It has also been proven to relieve stress.  

The timeless and powerful experience of a sunset has a transcendent spiritual element that can have a positive, healing, creative and restorative effect when integrated into one’s daily or weekly life. The mystical colors of the sky can inspire you to paint your life’s most beautiful picture. That’s why sunsets have been a constant source of inspiration for poets, writers and romantics alike.

It has been proven that watching the sunrise or sunset gives you a better sense of gratitude for life. When you are caught up in the natural beauty of a sunrise or sunset, you rid yourself of any distractions and feel higher levels of satisfaction and gratitude for what's happening around you. It gives you a reason to be thankful.

Maybe it was just me, but watching the sunset while trucking west across Interstate 10 in west Texas, or Interstate 40 across New Mexico seemed to slow down time. The sunset’s warm colors hold the power to stop just about anyone in their tracks. When your attention is fully captivated by the awe-inspiring colors of the sky, you are truly lost in the moment and time really seems to slow down. 

Next time you experience the sunrise and the sunset, allow it to clear your mind of all that is going on outside of that instance and let your worries fade away! Just remember to be safe!



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