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New Site, New Blogs

Welcome to our new website. We hope you’ll feel at home here. We aim to fill it with fun, useful, and informative resources to expand on what you hear on our programs on SiriusXM.

We have lots of folks to thank for getting it all together. Chris Burns got us started with great skill and devotion making sure the nuts and bolts all fit together. Skyler Stroup put the design together and worked closely with the team to make “Why don’t we make it look like this…” a reality.

It really means a lot when you visit our sponsors. Now, it’s easier than ever to find these important members of the RadioNemo family on our sponsors page. Check ‘em out and let them know you’re with us.

Each of our shows has its own page where you can check on upcoming guests and topics and find out more about everyone who joins us on-air.

We’re getting into something new for us…blogging. Watch for entries from Clare Marie, Jimmy Mac, Tim Ridley, Michael Burns, and yours truly.

This website will be our central meeting place when we’re not “on the air” and we hope you’ll visit often. And away we go into the cyber world!


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