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Pet Picks: Nov/Dec 2019

I could apologize for missing November's post. I could give excuses about cold and flu season. But Pet Picks means never having to say you're sorry. (But seriously, I really am sorry.) To make it up to you, here is a double dose of pets!

If your pet isn't featured this time, don't worry! They might pop up next time. And if you haven't submitted your pet yet, be sure to check out how at the bottom. Pets of all species welcome!

ChiChi was found running the streets of Oklahoma City and taken to the pound 7 years ago. She was on her last day there when Mindy saw her smile and knew this was her dog. ChiChi's about 18 years old now, almost completely blind, and toothless. But she's perfect just the way she is. She is a full-time truck dog whose been to the lower 48 and parts of Canada.

Niko: best friend, protector, hunter, fisherdog, swimmer, other words, he's excellent at being a black lab. One Mother's Day, JD and his family went to the Humane Society, and JD's son, Noah, approached a pen. This handsome boy came right up to Noah, and wouldn't let him go. Literally. He grabbed a hold of Noah's shirt with his little puppy teeth. Come to find out, the dog's name was also Noah! Can you imagine the confusion if they hadn't changed it to Niko? Noah! Go potty! Noah! Don't eat that, you don't know where it's been!

Jake had a rough start. When Allen rescued him from the shelter, Jake was 28 pounds with worn front teeth from eating rocks. He was afraid of everything, even his own toys. Allen suspects he was abused and used for fighting. But all Jake needed was a family like Allen's. After just a few weeks, he opened up to their love, kindness, and toys. Jake is nothing if not resilient. He's beaten cancer surgery and a massive case of heart worms, all the while playing and being a 68 pound lap dog. He's gone from being afraid to be touched to demanding it, putting his paws on your legs and not taking his head away until he's done being scratched. And he's apparently great at doing the laundry.

Look, cats!! We like cats. We like Selena and Keisha, and they like Chris. So much. They fight for his attention, to follow him around the house all day, and sleep with him all night.

Annie and Minnie are quite the team co-drivers. Annie (on the left) is Beagle/American Foxhound mix and Minnie is all Beagle. They are Dean's dearest companions, and he talks to them during his long hours on the road. They're great listeners. Do they drive him crazy sometimes? Sure. But Dean wouldn't trade them for the world.

When Gracie and Pebbles took their first ballroom dancing class, they assumed they'd be in a room full of balls to chase. But the truth was much more fascinating, and they've since toured the world with their act. Ok, none of that is true. Gracie (on the left) is a Poodle mix. Doug had just bought a truck and picked up Gracie right afterwards in Vegas (where she was not a headlining ballroom dancer). Pebbles the Shih Tzu came to Doug when his mother-in-law passed last fall. Gracie is a part time truck dog, preferring to run in the spring.

Nomad describes Lola (on the left) as a "stubborn little tornado." Good thing she's also a least when she wants to be. (Don't we all know have a Lola in our lives that we just adore?) Little Lola is pure Pug, and Nomad's had her since she was just 2 months old. Duke is a rescue Puggle (part Pug part Beagle) the family adopted when he was 10 months old. He's a bashful dog, but a pure delight to be around, and the Pug/Puggle pair is inseparable.

Penny Parker IS The Amazing Spider Dog. She can jump flat-footed from the ground up into the driver's seat. And Penny Parker knows that with great power, comes great responsibility. She keeps Pink Rose sane (and possibly out of jail) day in and day out, guiding her through blizzards, tornadoes, deaths in the family, infuriating traffic, and everything else in the Wonderful World of Trucking.


Thanks so much for sharing your friends with us! If you'd like your pet to be featured, just email Some tips for a stand-out submission:

1. Your pet's name, age, and sex

2. The handle or first name you'd like to go by

3. A few photos of your pet

4. Plenty of info about your critter, like their breed, personality traits, likes/dislikes, and stories about how they found you and why they are the best!

The submissions we've already received are still in the crate for next time! The next Pet Picks come out Sunday, January 5.


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