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Point of View

To paraphrase Dave, we’re less interested in opinions than we are in points of view.

The three shows that make up RadioNemo of North America are actually over 30 shows hosted by 4 distinct individuals, each with their own point of view. The big carriers, the owner-operators, the government agencies, the small business owners, those who facilitate service and support, health care and wellness providers, technology specialists, and trendsetters in all areas have a space to express their view from where they stand in the industry.

It doesn’t end there.

Because while trucking is most certainly in the business of driving our economy, it thrives as a lifestyle practiced not only by its drivers but also the men and growing number of women who plan the routes, make the connections, and provide invaluable service to those behind the wheel. Those people love fitness, food, and, like everyone else, fun.

That fun takes many forms. Outdoor sports, gardening, storytelling, travelling, scientific curiosity, historical obsession, or just the enjoyment of a good laugh. Whether it’s the Revolutionary War, the latest bestseller, an urge for adventure, or turning out the lights to get a big scare, RadioNemo remembers that if you’re not having fun, then all the money and security in the world cannot get you through the loneliness of the road.

What really makes it worthwhile for us is that we serve as a voice for those who need our help.

RadioNemo reminds people that medical emergencies don’t have to be an agonizing choice between substandard care or bankruptcy. RadioNemo provides veterans and their families with information about an industry that offers opportunity, gives solace, and honors sacrifice. We’re there to give an ear to your point of view in the early hours of that long drive when you think no one is listening and no one cares.

We care. We’re here. You know we’ll be live 365 days a year to give you the news, both good and bad.

We will cry with you, laugh with you, and challenge your point of view with another, equally strong.

Because, ultimately, RadioNemo is you, the listener, and it is your point of view that we value the most.

RadioNemo is a rest area, an old-time diner, a fuel island for the soul, a dispatch office for the future, a collection of issues and personalities, and points of view that create an overall image best summed up in one word.


Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash


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