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Reconstructing the Road Ahead

On Dave Nemo Weekends, the topic usually makes the guest, but this weekend our topic was made by the man who is joining us.

Celebrated documentarian and historian Ken Burns stops in at 10 AM ET on Saturday, 9/12, putting him at the center of a weekend discussion about the reconstruction of history by map, model, moments, and a multitude of other modes of traveling through time.

Few guests have touched on so many topics near and dear to your hearts as Mr. Burns. Baseball, military history, geographical adventures, and uniquely American personalities have all been a part of the mosaic of national life captured by his work. His focus on multiple points-of-view to build a larger narrative has provided the model for those interested in telling the smaller stories inside the big ones. We are thrilled he will be here for a full hour and will take your calls.

And to take a page from the PBS playbook, we're happy to inform you, "this show was made possible by viewers like you." We mean that literally. Mr. Burns' appearance is the direct result of longtime listener Deane Mansfield reaching out to our guest and asking him to make an appearance on our show.

All weekend long, we are encouraging you to call and talk about how you recapture history by rebuilding it through your own actions. Following a famous route or trail, building a model in exact miniature replication of its original life sized edition, charting your genealogy beyond these shores, or being part of the re-staging of a historical event are a few of the many things open for discussion, investigation, or reexamination. In other words, tell us how these reconstructions help you understand who you are, where you come from, or the places you are headed next.

But Ken Burns isn't the only guest with whom we'll be talking. Dr. Bruce Beehler has just returned from whale watching on Cape Cod, and he'll be dropping in for an early edition of Natural Encounters on Saturday 9/12 at 9 AM ET. Writer, director, and producer Jan Eliasberg, who most recently visited us to talk about her new book Hannah's War, returns to tell us how she set the scene to navigate a career in Hollywood at 9:30 AM ET on Sunday 9/13, and immediately after that at 10 AM ET, Innocence Project Ambassador-Advisor and revered defense attorney Josh Dubin will tell us about his podcast Wrongful Conviction: Junk Science.  He’ll offer a unique perspective on how dubious science and discredited “experts” have played a critical role in cases. Plus, a look at a stunning amateur and professional drone footage sharing platform called AirVūz.

So, fix that miniature propeller, lay out that map, and find those journals, because Dave Nemo Weekends is going to help you build the future by reclaiming the past.


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