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Searching for Summer

In the last months of middle school, I would find it darn near impossible to focus on the work across my desk. My thoughts would drift to the beckoning adventures of swimming, cookouts, little league, and reading at the local library.

Summer always seemed an endless bike ride with friends towards a playground or sleepover. By the time May rolled around, I was playing out the potential June, July, and August like an NFL quarterback running through his receiver progression.

To me, Summer is possibility. It is a chance to rebuild the mind, the body, and, on occasion, the engine you hope will become the ride for your teenage years or your teenager's years. If we are lucky, we never lose that sense of potential, the hopeful possibility, that sways in the hammock of a coming Summer. It is the expectation of the reboot that we are tapping into as Dave Nemo Weekends asks if you are getting ready for the best Summer ever. We are calling this weekend Funtime in the Summertime.

Summers past and yet-to-come are fair game for your calls, your emails, or your postings. I could regale you with my Summer of 100 Movies, my playground batting championship, or my trip to The Grand Canyon. But we want to hear about the vacation plans you have made, the maintenance work both on your rig and your recreational vehicles, or the multitude of projects that will make room for grilling, swimming, or just a slice of watermelon on a lazy day. Summer just got here, and it wants to know what you have in store for it. You do not want it spending the season with this guy...

We think you can do a little better, and so, we went out and got some folks.

Summer might be the perfect time to try out that vegan thing. That is one of the reasons why we have asked Olympic silver medalist and star of James Cameron’s hit documentary The Game Changers Dotsie Bausch to join us at 9:30 am ET on Saturday. The plant powered cyclist will let you know how you can get that protein, enjoy that cookout, and lead a healthy, happy life. Creator and performer Tea Hacic-Vlahovic brings her wild adventurous self into our world at 10 am ET. Along with talking about her new book Life of the Party, Tea will be offering tips for how full-throttle extroverts can survive this time of social isolation while still maintaining their distance.

On Sunday at 8:30 am ET, former New York Times sportswriter Lisa Luciano has got some hot summer reading that fictionalizes the cold world of ice skating scandals The Chosen Ones. We will be talking to Lisa not only about the book but also the real life Hardings and Kerrigans that inspired it. Finally, Sunday's Summertime fun closes out with the oldest living Dracula as Zandor Vorkov joins us at 10 am ET. The star of 1971's Frankenstein vs. Dracula, Vorkov dons the cowl once again, but this time he is a dark knight rising to save the day. He will be telling us about the campaign to get fans of bloodsuckers everywhere to donate blood during the health crisis of our time.

Diabolique Magazine agrees with us when we tell you Vorkov is the Dracula that we need.

So, now we have got someone to bring the food, someone to bring the fun, someone to bring a book, and someone to bring a movie. Dave Nemo Weekends wants you to bring your thoughts, your plans, and your ideas to what we know will be the best Summer ever.


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