Taking Care

A quick note from Clare Marie: Jimmy Mac's rousing words on health and wellness this past weekend dovetail nicely into a lot of what has been covered on "Highway to Health" recently. This coming edition will be no different, when Dr. John McElligott joins us to talk about how planning your day can save your life. Tune in, and call in Tuesday, 2/18 from 8-9am ET on The Dave Nemo Show.

Thanks for indulging me my hot tub tangent on Dave Nemo Weekends. I did it because I want you to enjoy the life you are making for others.

I suggested hydrotherapy because it takes care of so many of the things that the make the profession unwell. Relaxation, white blood cell stimulation, removing toxins, lowering blood pressure, improved circulation, and pain relief are all to be found in the bubbles and heat of those tubs.

And then there is the trucking trifecta of better digestion, improved breathing, and sounder sleep.

We can't sleep, because we can't relax. We can't sleep, because we're congested. We can't sleep, because we're full of toxins, over caffeinated, in pain, and have bad circulation.

That brings me to the topic of apnea.

How much of your apnea could be successfully checked by simply getting a little hydrotherapy?

Don't tell me you don't have time. Take the time to make the time to get in that hot tub.

I am always amazed at the number of extraordinarily professional truckers who take care of their trucks right down to polishing the chrome, so they can see the insignia in their hat when they look into the reflection.

However, when it comes to doing the same thing every cowboy looked forward to in the old west, climbing into a steaming tub, they transform into hyper-macho men who ain't got time for that.

Good enough for The Earps, Wild Bill, and Billy the Kid? Good enough for them.