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The Road to Arlington

Recently, we had a chance to to interview two authors of books about World War II. The first was a detailed history about one of the country's most famous divisions, and the second a work of fiction with a background of historical and personal fact.

Maurice Isserman's The Winter Army: The World War II Odyssey of The Tenth Mountain Division, America's Elite Alpine Warriors and P. T. Duetermann's The Nugget not only share the backdrop of the last great war but also a focus on those who take the initiative.

The characters at the center of those two works are independent thinkers. While not being insubordinate to the objectives of their missions, they show the ability to think outside the confines of tired tactics and predictable choices. They are citizen soldiers rather than Teutonic Knights blindly following the cruelty of their Kaiser, or Bushido Warriors accepting the whims of their Emperor.

In other words, they're Americans.

It is those men and women that RadioNemo of North America will be honoring in the coming week.

After celebrating the lighting of the Capitol Christmas Tree this Wednesday, we'll be broadcasting live on Friday from The U.S. Chamber of Commerce to introduce you to the remarkable veteran finalists for the Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence Award.

Then it's onto New York to host a special edition of Dave Nemo Weekends before heading over to Norwalk, CT to join Wreaths Across America on the road to Arlington National Cemetery. It is a journey designed to honor the memory of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the country. What began as a generous gesture by Morrill Worcester has become a national phenomenon as millions of Americans put aside their differences to find common ground on the most sacred soil.

Beginning Wednesday December 11th and going onto Saturday the 14th, we will be giving you an inside view of the convoy: The history of the event, the stories of heroism, backgrounds of the locales visited, and reports of the events designed to remember, honor, and teach.

Knights of Columbus halls, social clubs created to welcome immigrants, war memorials, American Legion Posts, volunteer fire departments, and schools from kindergarten through the 12th grade will all be on our route over four remarkable days.

Crucially, we'll be hearing from the participants: the founders, the veterans, the drivers, and, most importantly, the families of the fallen. It is their point of view we are most interested in you hearing. These are stories that stay with you, just as we stay with you on your travels across this country we love so much.

Won't you join us?


Find out how to join the drivers in the Honor Fleet or sponsor a wreath.

Photo from the WAA Facebook page.

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