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VATS: The Virtual American Trucking Show

Like most of every day life, he Mid-America Trucking Show has been cancelled. But fear not--your ears can safely attend VATS, the Virtual American Trucking Show, and enjoy the same great lineup we would have had live from MATS! (And speaking of MATS, scroll down for some vintage MATS Nemobilia!)

Here's what's in store:


8:30am ET: Ever try to fix a flickering trailer light with a paperclip? Robert Patterson introduces one tool that always works on any type of trailer: The Pigtail Wedge.

9:00am ET: Find out what it means to # RespectTheDriver when Greg Renberg joins us from Minimizer. They'd have loved to show you their entire product catalog in their booth at MATS, but you can check out their new website instead.

9:15am ET: Gorilla Safety's Mark Walton discusses the unprecedented challenges in the industry due to COVID-19, emergency changes to rules, and what might lie ahead in fleet management.

9:30am ET: Tenstreet is offering FREE onboarding services in response to COVID-19! Marilyn Surber has the details--and so does their website.

9:45am ET: We could all use a little warmth and pep, right? How about a Unicorn Cappuccino or a Bourbon Pecan Coffee? Sam Davis tells us what's up at TA Petro. (And check out their COVID-19 response page to see updated info on service availability while you're at it!)

10:00am ET: Well look at that, we have VATS deals! Use promo code Nemo for 20% off the DPA 5 PRO from DG Technologies! You'll also get their DG Diagnostics software. John McNelis and Mark Zachos have the details.

10:15am ET: Why is Fitzgerald Collision the fastest in the country? Why would you send a truck there even if you're 1,000 miles away? How do they uphold their guarantee to have your truck fixed in 10 days--or they pay $150 a day every day it's late? Robert Fitzgerald himself has the answers.

10:30am ET: Staying connected is of critical importance in a crisis. And...we're in a crisis. weBoost gives you a huge boost in cellular range and data speeds. Nelson Roberts walks us through it.

10:45am ET: Another VATS deal! CoreFund is offering the first 20 drivers to call about their freight bill factoring services a $20 Subway gift card! We think you'll find partnering with CoreFund couldn't be easier or smarter, and Todd Waller will tell you all about it. (PS: Here's that number--800-405-5464.)

That's a wrap for day one of VATS--but wait, there's more!


8:45am ET: The St. Christopher Fund has never been more important or more in need. Shannon Currier has an update on how you can help them help drivers.

9:00am ET: Telemedicine has never been more important. Konexial introduces GoMedRx, a new telemedicine service to help you get medical advice out on the road. Ken Evans and Kristin Rakoczy tell you how it works.

9:15am ET: The trucking industry looks a lot different today than it did two weeks ago, and will continue to change. Tim Aschoff shares his thoughts and discusses how Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking are handling the situation.

9:30am ET: Some important information from NASTC's David Owen.

9:45am ET: How are you sleeping lately? Check in with Brian Mathis of The Big Rig Mattress

on the classic model and the new Current mattress.

10:00am ET: An update from TA Petro CEO Jon Pertchik about life and services in this crazy time. (PS: If you missed it before that link has updates to their services and COVID-19 responses!)

10:15am ET: No MATS? No problem! VATS!!! Rand McNally is coming in strong with the same show specials they'd have had in Louisville. Every purchase of a truck device still gets you a free 2020 Motor Carriers' Road Atlas. And they're taking $100 OverDryve devices, and $50 off TND devices and ClearDriyve headsets. Plus, Kendra Ensore has a some "geografun" for you!

10:30am ET: DPF Alternatives has a heck of a COVID-19 response--FREE stage 1 pneumatic DPF services to get you back on the road in the shortest possible time. Junior Reyes tells you how it works.

10:45am ET: If there's anyone who understands truckers on the front lines serving our country, it's Wreaths Across America. And what a wonderful way to end our VATS broadcast--a chat with WAA Radio's Michael Hale and Don Queeney.

...The fun continues!

Be sure to join us on Dave Nemo Weekends Saturday 3/28 and Sunday 3/29 to rock n roll...n roll! Share your memories of rock concerts, favorites throughout rock history, experiences driving on tours or working as a roadie--or just call in and give us a virtual handshake! Saturday, we'll talk with rock historian Denny Somach about his new book, A Walk Down Abbey Road (8:30am ET). Sunday we'll marvel at the feats of escape artist Michael Telstarr (9:30am ET) and chat with founding member of Cowboy Mouth and New Orleans music institution Paul Sanchez (10:00am ET.)


Cover photo byMeriç Dağlı on Unsplash


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