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Wreaths Across America On-Air

Wreaths Radio Teams Up with Jimmy Mac on the Dave Nemo Show

--A guest blog from our friends at Wreaths Across America

The fourth Friday of the month just took on new significance for Wreaths Across America volunteers, the trucking industry, and our veterans!

The mission to remember our fallen, honor those who serve and their families, and teach younger generations the value of freedom is made possible through generous support from the trucking industry.

The top-of-mind radio personalities serving professional drivers throughout America are on RadioNemo. Dave Nemo, a member of the original “Road Gang,” is a U.S. Army veteran whose broadcast resume includes radio announcer on AFKN in Seoul, South Korea. Today, Dave Nemo serves the men and women of trucking through SiriusXM with his broadcast family. Jimmy Mac is one of the RadioNemo team members traveling with the drivers and sharing their stories during the Annual Wreath Escort to Arlington National Cemetery for the past few years. He can speak to the emotional impact professional drivers experience when hauling America’s respect in the form of veterans’ wreaths. Some of these drivers are veterans themselves, or Gold Star family members who lost loved ones in military service. Almost every driver has shared that the Wreaths Across America load is the most important haul of their careers.

Starting Friday, February 28, 2020, 10 AM ET, RadioNemo will host Wreaths Across America Radio’s Michael W. Hale and special guests to share the mission to remember, honor, and teach. Wreaths Across America’s Executive Director Karen Worcester will join Michael and Jimmy on the show to talk about the unprecedented growth the nonprofit organization is experiencing across the country, and how trucks and their drivers are the backbone of transportation logistics.

The March segment will be live from Kentucky as RadioNemo and Wreaths Radio personalities will be visiting with folks at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The Wreaths Radio guest on March 28th will be Wreaths Across America’s Director of Transportation, Don Queeney. The Wreaths Across America Mobile Education Exhibit will be on-site too, and we encourage people to come out and take a tour, or share stories of military service or volunteer service with Wreaths Across America.

“I’m excited to be teaming up with Jimmy Mac on the Dave Nemo Show to bring more attention to what’s going on with Wreaths Across America,” states Wreaths Across America’s Radio Morning Show announcer and producer, Michael W. Hale. “As we say on Wreaths Radio, the mission to remember, honor, and teach is not just a one-day event; it’s a mindset. The national organization carries out the mission through a variety of special events throughout the year, and our over 2,100 other participating locations are also busy raising wreath sponsorships in unique and creative ways to be sure no hometown hero is forgotten. The organization is growing, and so is our need for trucks to transport veterans’ wreaths from coast to coast in December. Dave Nemo is a military veteran and an honorary rolling ambassador for Wreaths Across America. The Dave Nemo Show has become legendary in the trucking industry, and Jimmy Mac has embedded on a portion of our annual wreath escort from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery for the past two years. What great fun this will be to team up on the fourth Friday of the month on SiriusXM channel 146 with Jimmy Mac to talk about our veterans and their service.”

"Remember, Honor, Teach" on the Dave Nemo show will open with the familiar words and music of Maine singer/songwriter, Don Campbell. His song, “The Snow at Arlington,” has become the unofficial theme song of the annual wreath escort. The words so beautifully depict the imagery and sentiment behind the convoy of trucks hauling veterans’ wreaths. It’s one of the many songs you’ll hear on Wreaths Radio. As Don sings, “There’s a spirit in our wheels that makes us roll. Let the fallen help us heal and make us whole. Let their memories carry us even when this trip is done, for every daughter, every son, resting beneath the snow at Arlington.”

Mark your calendars now to tune in for the fourth Friday of every month to catch Jimmy Mac and Michael W. Hale for the latest about the Wreaths Across America mission at 10 AM ET on the Dave Nemo Show, SiriusXM, Channel 146.


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