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The Changing of the Colors

For many folks, fall is their favorite time of year. Although spring is my favorite, I do

embrace a slight crisp in the air, an occasional bowl of chili on a cool evening,

and of course, football season!!! Another thing I embrace is the color change in the leaves.

When I was on the road, whether I was running through the Poconos, the Shenandoah

Valley, or upstate New York, I always enjoyed seeing the mountains draped with so many

beautiful colors of leaves. And of course, we can’t leave out Interstate 40 through East

Tennessee and eventually going through the gorge - absolutely breathtaking! Being a truck

driver, you can see various portraits, painted by the hand of God right outside your


When I stopped at a truck stop in mountain country, I’d do my best to sit by the window so

that I could look out over the landscape while eating. There was just something about eating

a bowl of chili while enjoying the scenery outside.

Another thing I enjoyed in the fall was not having to run the air conditioner in my truck

while I slept. I’d open the side vents or crank out the windows of the top bunk and enjoy the

feel of the cool fresh air coming in while taking in the ambient noise of the outdoors. In fact,

experts say the cool air in the night can supercharge your sleep!

You might be one of the fortunate truck drivers who haul seasonal products, such as fall

foods, pumpkins, and spices. I loved the smell of my trailer after such loads.

Sometimes the smell would linger, even after the products were taken off. It is said that the

smell of certain fall foods and spices can benefit your brain. Maybe that’s why we feel good

when we walk into a Cracker Barrel Country Store, with the smell of spices permeating the

air during this time of year!

I encourage you to slow down and enjoy the beautiful landscape that fall brings us. It’s a

blessing to have a job that offers you the opportunity to see the beauty of fall in various

parts of the country. Many people only get to see these colors where they live and in certain

parts of the country, they don’t get to see it at all. Enjoy the changing of the colors!


Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash


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