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The Shirts Have Landed!

You asked for it, and like your mom always careful what you ask for; you just might get it.

Introducing: Whoppensocker Wear!

Whether you're on the list, aspiring to be on the list, or just sick of being kicked out of places for not wearing a shirt, you can now do all three things in style, with Whoppensocker Wear.

These 100% preshrunk cotton shirts come in your choice of black, gray, navy, or RadioNemo blue, and are available from adult small to 5x.

And your purchase supports a small business on the north shore of our beautiful Snake--I mean, Lake--Pontchartrain.

We'll look forward to seeing you in your new shirt at GATS, for our live hour of Dave Nemo Weekends. Just get to GATS when the doors open at 9am on Saturday, 8/24, and join us at the SiriusXM booth near the entrance.


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